Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual property has become increasingly important in the Information Age, as the increasing number of lawsuits attests. Members of Lotz Law Firm have experience in virtually all areas of intellectual property litigation, including the prosecution and defense of theft of trade secrets claims, patent litigation, copyright disputes, and claims arising out of non-compete and development agreements.


Trade secrets claims. Because they are supported by the energy, computer, biotech, and financial industries, Houston and Austin have become hotbeds for trade secret litigation. We have represented several oilfield service companies in claims that competitors stole the technology for cutting-edge tools. We have also brought suit on behalf of major independent exploration and production companies on claims of trade secret theft in conjunction with data room attendance and, theft of trade secret claim.


Patent litigation. We have repeatedly represented major oilfield supply companies in ongoing litigation concerning patent validity and infringement.


Copyright litigation. As part of our representation, we have filed and defended cases in which the plaintiffs claimed that their copyrights were infringed.


Non-compete agreements. We routinely represent both employees and corporations in substantial non-compete disputes, including injunction actions arising out of the violation or perceived violation of non-compete agreements. These lawsuits have largely involved the financial services, oil and gas, or oilfield services industries. As a byproduct of this representation, we have also represented new employers charged with tortious interference with non-compete agreements.


Development disputes. Members of the oil and gas community take more care in the science of their development than the documentation of the rightful ownership of their discoveries. As a result, disputes often arise over the ownership of inventions from joint development projects, many times coupled with claims of breach of contract or fiduciary duty growing out of the development agreements.